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Beer Gift Baskets

Becks For Good  DELUXE  Beer Basket

Beck’s For Good – DELUXE Beer Basket

Price: EUR 79.00
Shipping: EUR 15.00

Full Description:

Exclusive and stylish designed beer basket, German beers & snacks verity which will create a huge smile on the face of any beer lover.

This beer basket includes six German Beck's beer bottles and gourmet snacks as option, all placed in a wooden treasure box with decorative ribbon.


The gift includes:

  • 6 X Beck's German Beers
  • 1 X Pringles Chips 190g
  • 1 X Snyder's Pretzels 140g
  • 1 X Mix Dry Fruits & Nuts 150g
  • 1 X Kelly's Riffle Chips 140g
  • 1 X Bruschetta 150g
  • 1 X Grissini 100g
  • 1 X Tuc Creckers 100g
  • 1 X Lorenz Peanuts 100g
  • 1 X Wooden Treasure Box


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