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Beer Gift Baskets

Give Him Beers  Grissini Beer Gift Basket

Give Him Beers - Grissini Beer Gift Basket

Price: EUR 75.00
Shipping: EUR 15.00

Full Description:

Featuring the best of the breweries across the Europe.

This beer gift basket contains lots of alcohol that will be perfect for watching any sport event.

This beer baskets come with a combination of 2 beer bottles from 6 brews and gourmet snacks verity, beer lovers will enjoy a combination of top rated beers.

If you need a beer gift for someone who enjoy watching games together with friends, look no further. 


The Beer Gift Basket Includes:

  • 2 X Czech Budweiser Beer
  • 2 X Dutch Heineken Beer
  • 2 X Irish Guinness Beer
  • 2 X Belgian Leffe Beer
  • 2 X Hoegaarden Beer
  • 2 X Mexican Corona Beer
  • 6 X Grissini Flevor Verity 100g
  • 1 X Basket


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