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About us

Our Uniquely Designed Gifts story began in 2008 when the business started with Baby Gifts only, especially  Sweet Chocolate Bouquets.

Today our new born department include also Diaper Cakes for New Mothers and Babies. Even our Baby Clothes Bouquets seemed to be popular as they include a selection of New Mother ‘must haves’ and baby products ~ based on personal experience!

Our friends and families loved these fun, whimsical yet practical and really Unique Gift Ideas which seemed just to take off and spread all over Europe. These are very Unique Gifts Ideas which immediately grab the attention of anyone receiving one and will definitely make people smile and brighten their day.

After few years Mr.  Walwater have expanded the business presence by opening a second operation center in Europe …
Walwater Gifts  which offers a beautiful and impressive Collection of Gifts and Specialty Items.

Walwater Gifts - Uniquely Designed Gifts now offers services in over 26 countries where our unique gifts are ordered and shipped from two main warehouses in Israel and European center. By offering International Gift Delivery services, Walwater Gifts offer creative and
professional service for our Individual and Corporate Clients, worldwide.

Whether Your Gift is delivered to an Individual or Corporate Client, we are delighted to create amazing gifts using our experience, knowledge
and dedication to excellence … We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right or not at all!

Walwater Gifts uses the highest quality products, every order is treated with respect and attention to detail to ensure a perfect gift.
We continuously strive to improve our products and services, and create every gift with the same pride and enthusiasm as if it were our very own.





It is our goal in 2020 to open our first center in North America to launch our Innovative Gifts and services into the USA through a specially selected team of dedicated Designers and Service Professionals.