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Send Gift Baskets To Spain

Dual Italian Wines

Price: 39.00 €

Coffee for you gift basket 0

Price: 75.00 €

Premium Fruit Platter

Price: 59.00 €

Jack and The Treats

Price: 89.00 €

red wine with choco

Price: 32.00 €

Classic Europe Gift Basket

Classic Europe Gift Basket

This design is a beautiful combination of red wine and unique selection of chocolates

Price: 73.00 €

Special Occasions Gift Basket

Price: 107.00 €


Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne 750ml

Impress the ones you love by serving before dinner and all the way through to dessert

Price: 69.00 €

Attack The Snacks

Price: 86.00 €

Going Nuts and Dry WO

Price: 55.00 €

Between Edinburgh to Dublin

Price: 439.00 €

Australian New world trio

Price: 69.00 €

Royal Treat

Price: 229.00 €

Classic Sweet Gift Basket

Price: 59.00 €

Delightful Discovery gift basket

Price: 69.00 €

You are A Superstar

Price: 359.00 €

The Sweetvaganza Basket

Price: 75.00 €

The Diplomat Treasure box

Price: 199.00 €

Jack Daniels Gift Basket

Jack Daniels Gift Basket

The perfect gift for the Jack lover in your life

Price: 115.00 €

wo Ambassador cookiesBasket

Price: 35.00 €

Chrystal Winter Fairy Tale

Price: 65.00 €

Pure Gratitude Gift Basket

Price: 62.00 €


Price: 63.00 €

BBB  Blue Ballantines Basket

Price: 115.00 €

trio whisky

Price: 329.00 €

duo glenfiddich

Price: 169.00 €

dom perignon gift basket

Price: 359.00 €

Fresh British Morning Tea

Price: 59.00 €

Remy Martin XO

Price: 299.00 €

All of My Love

Price: 75.00 €

Jack  My Man

Price: 115.00 €

1000 nights

Price: 99.00 €

The Classic Nutcracker

Price: 76.00 €

Exodus Double Party

Price: 129.00 €

Give Him Beers  Kelly

Price: 90.00 €

Black Johnnie Walker 2

Black Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker - Black Label", special Chocolates, in a classic and elegant wooden chest

Price: 156.00 €


Price: 59.00 €

JaggeerMeister Heart Party

Price: 79.00 €

dom perignon

Price: 219.00 €

The Tastes Explorer

Price: 63.00 €

Johnnie My Hero

Price: 129.00 €

Irish Love Story

Price: 79.00 €

Treats Treasure Box

Price: 49.00 €


Price: 59.00 €

The Flying Finnish Gift

The Flying Finnish Gift Basket

Special gift for Vodka lovers !!!

Price: 87.00 €

LeHaim Gift Basket

Price: 69.00 €

Mos Pub Beer Gift Basket

Mo's Pub - Beer Gift Basket

A perfect gift for a get together, for a football or basketball match

Price: 45.00 €

Sweet Care Package

Price: 45.00 €

Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey

Price: 69.00 €

Blessings All Around

Price: 63.00 €

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey

Price: 320.00 €

Ravishing Success Gift Basket

Ravishing Success Gift Basket

Champagne combination with Top European Chocolates designed in a wooden treasure chest

Price: 79.00 €


Price: 45.00 €

Sweets Treasure Box

Price: 59.00 €

Grey Goose Vodka Celebration

Price: 155.00 €

Spirito Mediterraneo - Gift Basket

Price: 75.00 €

The Relaxing Tea Basket

Price: 49.00 €

Johnnie Walker Red Label Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Red Label 700ml

Red Label was created by the Johnnie Walker company in 1909, this is a classic blended whiskies, a great mixer and back bar favourite

Price: 40.00 €

Best Treats Basket

Price: 55.00 €

Aladin blessing

Price: 45.00 €

Purple Passion Spa Gift

Price: 89.00 €

Bostjan Teddy Sparkling wine

Price: 85.00 €

Love Senses

Price: 115.00 €

Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Price: 179.00 €

Top Romance

Price: 359.00 €

My Sweet Treasure

Price: 36.00 €

Sasha Pink

Price: 92.00 €

Music Box Gift Basket

Music Box - Europe Gift Basket

This design is a beautiful combination of red wine and unique selection of chocolates

Price: 68.00 €

Green Days Passion Spa Gift

Price: 89.00 €

MOET Treasure no box

MOET Treasure Chest

Luxurious and stunning gift basket especially for those who understand what quality is ...

Price: 149.00 €

Sweet Milka Hearts with A Teddy

Price: 26.00 €

In the name of Love

Price: 129.00 €

Spring Spirit

Price: 72.00 €

Ja Habibi platter

Price: 85.00 €

Endless Love Sweet Bouquet

Endless Love Sweet Bouquet

A Charming Gift Designed for A Special Loved One!

Price: 45.00 €

Sweet Attention

Price: 49.00 €

Mozart Teddy Loving Hand Bouquet  1

Price: 39.00 €

Tastes of Sweets

Price: 59.00 €










Send Gifts To Spain


Spain Gifts

Sending gifts to Spain are very easy with Walwater Gifts in Spain.
Walwater Gifts offer a variety of gifts for delivery in Spain. No matter who you are buying for or what the occasion – Christmas Gifts to Spain, Birthday Gifts to Spain, Wedding Gifts to Spain, New Baby Gifts to Spain, Anniversary Gifts to Spain or Sympathy Gifts to Spain, We have the perfect gift.


Walwater Gifts Holiday Gifts in Spain
As we know, People in Spain celebrate many different holidays that Walwater have a gift solution for each of them, We can deliver Christmas Gifts to Spain, Valentine's Day Gifts to Spain, Mother’s Day Gifts to Spain, Father's Day Gifts to Spain, Birthday Gifts to Spain  and Easter Gifts to Spain, Holidays in Spain.

Walwater Gifts is offering Express gifts delivery Gifts to Madrid, Gifts to Barcelona and Gifts to Cordoba or anywhere else in Spain.


Delivery information for Spain
Standard duration (without weekends and public holidays):
5 - 6 business days (Monday - Friday).
Gift Orders received by 12am (+1 GMT) Walwater Gifts utilize several different shipping methods, always trying to find the best solution for you. Ground shipping 5-6 business.
Please note that packets is been delivered with DHL courier in Spain. There for DHL will not work on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.

Walwater Gifts Shipping information:

When you provide us with complete and accurate delivery information, your gifts will be delivered promptly and you will be spared re-delivery charges. Please check your delivery address carefully. Incorrect or incomplete addresses will result in a € 20,00 handling charge in addition to all charges accrued for re-shipping each item. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes.

Gifts to Hospitals or Hotels

Please confirm the recipient is still in the hospital/hotel before scheduling delivery. When placing a gift basket order for delivery to a patient/guest please make sure that you include as much information about the patient's/guest's location as possible. Such as patient/guests name, Hospital, Department (i.e Maternity), Room No. and the Hospitals complete address.

Shipping restrictions:

Based on the reason that our gifts to Spain will be send from our European office, there are no Shipping Restrictions. There for this all include Walwater Gifts which contain alcohol brands gifts to Spain.


Cities We deliver to in Spain

Walwater Gifts deliver all over Spain. Walwater Gifts also deliver Gifts to A Coruna, Gifts to  Alacant, Gifts to  Albacete, Gifts to Alcala de Henares, Gifts to Alcobendas, Gifts to Alcorcon, Gifts to  Algeciras, Gifts to Alicante, Gifts to Almeria, Gifts to  Aranjuez,  Gifts to  Aviles, Gifts to Badajoz, Gifts to  Badalona, Gifts to Barakaldo, Gifts to  Burgos, Gifts to  Caceres, Gifts to  Cadiz, Gifts to Cartagena, Gifts to Castellon de la Plana, Gifts to Ceuta, Gifts to Cordoba, Gifts to Coslada, Gifts to Donostia-San Sebastian,  Gifts to El Puerto de Santa Maria, Gifts to Elche, Gifts to Fuenlabrada, Gifts to Getafe, Gifts to Gijon, Gifts to Girona, Gifts toGranada,  Gifts to Huelva, Gifts to  Jaen, Gifts to Jerez de la Frontera,  Gifts to La Coruna, Gifts to  La Laguna (San Cristobal de la Laguna), Gifts to  Leganes, Gifts to Leon, Gifts to  Lhospitalet, Gifts to Lleida (Lerida), Gifts to  Logrono, Gifts to  Lorca, Gifts to  Lugo, Gifts to Maladzyechna, Gifts to Malaga, Gifts to Marbella, Gifts to Ourense (Orense), Gifts to Oviedo, Gifts to Palma,  Gifts to Pamplona, Gifts to Parla, Gifts to Reus, Gifts to Sabadell, Gifts to Salamanca, Gifts to San Fernando, Gifts to Santa Coloma de Gramanet,  Gifts to Santa Cruz de Tenerife,  Gifts to Santander, Gifts to  Santiago de Compostela, Gifts to  Talavera de la Reina, Gifts to Tarragona, Gifts to Telde, Gifts to Terrassa (Tarrasa), Gifts to Torrejon de Ardoz, Gifts to  Torrevieja, Gifts to  Valladolid, Gifts to Vigo, Gifts to Vitoria, Gifts to Zaragoza,


Map of Spain

At Walwater Gifts to Spain we have extensive experience in sending gift parcels all over the world. However, each country has unique Customs Regulations and delivery times. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need assistance placing your order online.

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