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A virtual casino party with friends. How to set it up right


The process of arranging any event requires a certain amount of effort, knowledge, and skill. A virtual event is undoubtedly different from a live one, but the process of preparing for it is not significantly different.

Let's look at all the stages of preparation to play here , which you will have to go through to ensure the most comfortable and interesting game session for your guests.

Casino and progress. How gambling changed in the past years

Have you noticed how much our lives have changed in the last decade and even more so in the last two decades? The development of technology, especially the Internet and I.T., has had a significant impact on our daily lives.

Some young readers may not yet have seen the days when the Internet first appeared, and the personal computer was considered a gadget for geeks. But more adult readers have experienced that time and can tell you a lot about it.

Even if you look at a shorter period of time, just a few years ago online shopping was not as common as it is now, it was treated with apprehension and mistrust.

And just 10-15 years ago, few people owned a smartphone, much less one with Internet access. Can you imagine a person today who only uses a push-button cell phone? Yet that's where a huge part of our lives is spent, on the Internet.



Of course, everything costs money, so you have to focus on finances in the first place. Even if you are going to charge a fee to attend the event, or if you get part of the bank, you need initial funds, which will be used to organize everything.

Estimate how many guests you can invite, how big the party will be, and what kind of prizes the winners and other participants will get. Depending on your capabilities, it could be a small get-together with your closest friends online, or it could be a large event with dozens of visitors, a rented venue, and hired managers.


Depending on your budget, you will choose the establishment where your event will be held.

With a modest budget, you can choose any trusted online casino that you and your friends are fond of. If you're going to have a blast, you can rent a real establishment, and arrange a virtual casino there, thanks to the fact that everyone knows how to use smartphones and tablets.


Obviously, all guests need to be notified in advance. For a party among friends, it's enough to create a group chat in any instant messenger, if you haven't done so already.

A large-scale event, however, will require you to promote it. And the better you advertise it, the more success it and follow-up events will have.

At your disposal is advertising in search engines, gambling websites, social networks, and, of course, word of mouth.


Rise of online casinos

Progress has reached the gambling industry as well. The first online casino appeared in 1994. However, because of the relatively low popularity of personal computers, online gambling long lived in the shadow of its predecessor.

The tables turned when smartphones with constant internet access became popular worldwide. The opportunity to spin the reels on your favorite slots from anywhere in the world at any time did the trick. Online gambling, or more precisely, mobile gambling has eclipsed real casinos. Convenience and variety, things that have become trendy in the modern world, put mobile gambling in the spotlight.

Dress code

Don't be surprised, but a virtual party may also require attendees to adhere to a dress code. Even if you're communicating with your guests solely by video link, appearances aren't a bad way to create an atmosphere.

Moreover, some players like to dress up in dresses and suits not only when they visit land-based casinos, but in virtual ones as well. This helps them get a better feel for the vibe and get into the atmosphere.

Future of gambling

Technology continues to evolve and develop at an ever-increasing rate, even now, in times of crisis. New games are able to surprise the most hardcore player with the highest level of graphics and interesting gameplay features. And this development does not appear to have an end!

Have you heard of Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality? In fact, what a decade ago was considered science fiction, already exists today, though still in a developing form. Even now players can enjoy their favorite games in 3D space, including gambling. Today you can not only play at the casino from the comfort of your home but also fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the gambling establishment.

VR devices are still quite bulky for widespread use, but in time, reaching the level of compactness of smartphones, they will definitely take a place in our daily life.



For a private little party, you most likely do not need help and you can solve all the organizational issues yourself.

A large-scale event, on the other hand, requires a high level of administrative skills. If you're the only manager there, you will hardly enjoy the process, even if you manage to handle it. In this case, there are special companies that are dedicated to organizing such parties.

By letting the professionals at Fun Casino Nights take care of all the hassle, you can be sure not only of the quality of the event but of your own enjoyment as well.



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